Welcome to the Cute Fairy Tails community of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and their humans. Our mission is to make your pet feel safe, happy, and loved, and for you to enjoy a stress-free and guilt-free relationship with your furry baby.

Our strength is that we are a close-knit family team. This means that if your pet sitter is ill or cannot look after your pet for some other reason, you won’t have to cut your holiday short or rush back home from work – another family member will step in immediately.

“Thank you for all your invaluable help and support with Bonnie and Clyde, from taking them to the vet to arranging for their paperwork for their flights to London. We couldn’t have done this without you”

Latest from Simba & Shasta’s Blog

Pet Product Recalls

All pet owners treat their furry family members to new toys, treats, collars, food, beds, and dental sticks on a regular basis, but not many of us know that some of these products get recalled just a few days or weeks after we get them for our darlings. These items get recalled because further tests or customer and vet feedback show that they are dangerous, and some of them can seriously harm… Read More

Travel By Car With Cats & Dogs

It has been a very tough year for everyone, and with most borders still closed and international travel off the cards at the moment, more and more people are now traveling by car within the US. While it is a bit easier to travel with a dog because they tend to be used to being in a car, even if it’s only for a short trip to a local park, many cat… Read More

Great Gifts for Cats and Dogs

While you are thinking about how to survive COVID and what are you going to do for Thanksgiving this year, your furry babies are dreaming about their birthday and Christmas gifts, and have sent us their wish lists – we have compiled a separate list for cats and dogs each for you: Happy Kitty Top 10 Gift List #1 A great-looking cactus cat scratcher for cats who value good design – Neuxioty:https://neuxioty.com/products/2020-new-cute-cactus-cat-climbing-frame?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google%20Shopping… Read More

Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth?

A few months ago, after watching a video by Jackson Galaxy on the subject, we started brushing Simba and Shasta’s teeth, which was quite a challenge in the first few weeks. They are still not embracing it, but are enduring the procedure quite patiently now and accepting it as part of their grooming routine. It is interesting, however, how many pet parents are surprised to hear that we are regularly brushing our… Read More

Top 10 Dog Blogs by Tiffany

Woof woof Simba and Shasta shared their favorite cat blogs a couple of days ago, and I decided to survey my barrrrrking amazing friends to create our own top 10 of blogs for and about dogs! There are so many great blogs to choose from, but these ten blogs and website really stood out, and we hope that you find them helpful: #1 Dog Shamingwww.dogshaming.com This website is just absolutely hilarious, and… Read More

Working from Home with Pets

We have received many follow up questions after the first post on COVID-19, and therefore decided to consult a number of experts to examine how our working from home affects our pets, and what we should be mindful of. The Risks and Challenges Talking to pet owners in our community, many of them report that their darlings show stress-related behaviors like chewing on your favorite shoes and furniture, excessive meowing, whining, and… Read More