The Most Amazing Cat Blogs

Obviously, we think that our blog is the best one, but if you are interested in reading some light-hearted fun blogs, or finding answers to some specific questions that are not covered in our blog, we have compiled our top 10 most interesting and informative blogs for you:

#1 The Catnip Times

This website offers posts on a variety of specific issues, such as fire safety for cats and how to care for a blind cat, and features a Cat Café Directory. Also, they offer a great service called Petfolio, which helps to contact your nominated kitty guardians should something happen to you so that they can rescue your kitty.

#2 Little Big Cat

This is not the best-looking website, but the content is really great because it focusses on holistic cat health, nutrition, and behavior and covers less-common topics like cat supplements, indoor air pollution, and homeopathic remedies.

#3 Kitten Care Webinars

This website is a must for all first-time kitty parents as it offers a fantastic range of webinars on how to raise a happy and healthy kitty. The four webinars cover everything from feeding to caring for a rescued feral kitten.

#4 Chirpy Cats

This website is one of our favorites, because it offers hands-on advice and guidance for many fantastic DIY projects – including how to make a cat bridge, a cat puzzle, and a grass pond for your kitty! We love it!

#5 Your Cat Magazine

The magazine’s website has a really helpful Cat Advice section that offers tips on cat-friendly gardens, cat health and diet for different stages of your cat’s life from kitten to senior, and cat training, and cat adoption.

#6 Katzenworld

This blog offers advice on how to keep your kitty safe by using cat-proof cleaning supplies, how to update your cat’s microchip details, and how to care for a senior cat. And it features product reviews to help you buy the best for your kitty!

#7 Feline Solutions

This website has a very good collection of articles, and the reason why we picked it is that it has many great suggestions on how to enrich your cat’s life through play and how to build your cat’s trust and use positive reinforcement to bond with your kitty.

#8 The Fluffy Kitty

This is an amazing resource for any cat lover – the blog posts on the website range from sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for cats to how to make homemade cat urine cleaner and how to treat cat dandruff.

#9 Living With Loulou

Loulou is a cute French cat who posts almost daily, sharing his life with his fans. As a French cat, it is unsurprising that Loulou also cooks (and willingly shares his recipes) and paints. Such a talented cat!

#10 Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube Blog

This is Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube channel, where Jackson offers hundreds of super helpful videos that will help you to make your kitty’s life super amazing. We literally can’t think of any topic that’s not been covered by Jackson yet, and you can also reach out to him with your questions!

We are soooooo tired from typing now – it’s not easy using our fluffy paws to communicate with you! We are off to let our humans know that it’s dinner time now, and then we will be watching our Backyard TV! A purrrrrfect evening!

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