Top 10 Dog Blogs by Tiffany

Woof woof Simba and Shasta shared their favorite cat blogs a couple of days ago, and I decided to survey my barrrrrking amazing friends to create our own top 10 of blogs for and about dogs! There are so many great blogs to choose from, but these ten blogs and website really stood out, and we hope that you find them helpful:

#1 Dog Shaming

This website is just absolutely hilarious, and you should bookmark it for your ’off days’ because it will lift your mood in no time with super funny, light-hearted dog shaming photos. Don’t forget to submit your own photo too!

#2 The Dog Training Secret

This website does exactly what it promises – helping dog owners to train their pups, with tips on everything from potty training to socializing your little one, and dealing with challenges like fear of fireworks and jealousy.

#3 The Canine Chef

This is a fantastic home cooking for dogs’ blog created by an adorable Yorkie mix pup called Kirbie, who offers delicious and safe recipes for making your own dog food and dog treats.

#4 Puppy Leaks

This blog is a great source of ideas that will work wonders for your dog’s wellbeing, from different active play ideas to making your own frozen treats for your best friend.

#5 Heads Up for Tails

This website has a blog that offers practical help with regard to a range of grooming challenges, from bathing your dog to cleaning their teeth without making them hate you.

#6 Dog Owner

This website offers great recommendations for everything related to your dog’s and your wellbeing, ranging from managing your dog’s anxiety when you move to how to make Christmas dog-proof.

#7 Django Dog Blog

The blog is named after a long-haired dachshund called Django, who is a modern dog and through his human Steph offers useful and informative articles on travel, adventure, dog health, and high-quality product finds.

#8 Good Dogs Company

On this website, you can find great guidance on what foods and plants could give your dog a food poisoning, lists top dog foods by breed, and has a good number of posts dedicated to dog product reviews.

#9 I Heart Dogs

This is a great website that clearly cares about dogs and supports dogs in need. They have a great blog that offers helpful tips on how to keep your dog healthy and happy and covers a broad range of issues, from dental problems to allergies, anxiety, and behavioral issues.

#10 Cesar Millan’s Website

No list is complete without Cesar Millan’s website, as he is the best-known dog whisperer on both sides of the Atlantic! Cesar taps into dog psychology and provides tips on how to train your dog and direct their behavior.

Have a great afternoon and dog forget to be kind to your dog, they love your attention and really appreciate you spending time with them. Woof woof, yourrrr Tiffany X

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