Meet Paul

Paul the Kind Pet Whisperer

Paul is a very gentle and caring person, and a true gentleman, with humans and with pets. He is very patient and nurturing, and his calmness and compassion help fluffy darlings through all sorts of stressful situations. He is exceptionally gregarious, and is known for constantly talking to his fluffy protégées.

Paul retired from his Wall Street job last year, and is now embracing reading books about Churchill, gardening, studying Russian, and traveling around the world with his wife Lauren. He is fascinated by birds – especially hummingbirds, and knows a lot about them.

Paul is passionate about caring for non-aggressive family members who bark or meow, as well as for birds and small cute pets like hamsters, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.

I can help with
  • Calm cats and dogs
  • Senior cats and dogs
  • Shy rescue animals
  • Small pets and birds
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