Meet Anna

Anna the Bubbly Animal Lover

Anna is the human of Simba and Shasta, and brought them to the US from Vietnam. Before Simba and Shasta adopted her, Anna used to be crazy about dogs and denounced cats as ‘aloof’ and ‘unaffectionate’. When the two 6-weeks’ old kittens entered her life, she immediately fell in love with them, and now is as passionate about cats as she is about dogs – if not even more.

Before transforming her life for the better, Anna held a number of senior management roles in international schools and universities in Europe and Asia. She is a diver, has traveled to more than 40 countries, and loves everything to do with art and literature.

Anna enjoys looking after all sorts of pets, including particularly large dogs and dogs who need high-energy exercise like huskies. She is great at calming down anxious cats and dogs and bonding with them, and loves working with special needs and rescue animals.

I can help with
  • Active cats and dogs
  • Special needs pets
  • Kittens and puppies
  • Rescue and shy pets
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