Meet Lauren

Lauren the Caring Fairy

Lauren is a true cat and dog whisperer – even the shyest ones seem to trust her instantly, and this often surprises their humans. With her boundless energy and caring attitude, she is able to bond with them easily, and they are always very excited to see her again.

Lauren has a degree in medicine; a few years ago she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts from CUNY. She is a distinguished, award-winning artist now and has participated in a number of individual and group exhibitions, including the annual Regional Beaux Arts Exhibition in Westchester:

Lauren is passionate about caring for high-energy fluffy family members who bark or purr, as well as for birds and small pets like hamsters, chinchillas, and bunnies.

I can help with
  • Active cats and dogs
  • Special needs pets
  • Kittens and puppies
  • Small pets and birds
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