Meet Simba

Simba the Gentle Wallflower

Simba is now just over 3 years old and was born in Saigon, Vietnam. He is Shasta’s twin brother and was found by his human Anna when he was 6 weeks old. He has since lived with Anna and Shasta in the US, and then in England and in Hong Kong, before moving back to the US this year.

When his vet in Saigon was preparing his export and travel paperwork, he took his blood test and sent it to London for official evaluation, and when the test results were ready, there was a big surprise in store – Simba is an Arabian Mau mix, and not just a common street cat!

Simba is very gentle, docile, and affectionate. He loves watching rabbits and birds, sleeping on the sofa in the living room, getting brushed with Anna’s hairbrush, and eating his and Shasta’s food. He talks a lot, hates getting his teeth brushed, and enjoys showing up on Zoom during important formal meetings, when it is least appropriate. He also growls at dogs and doesn’t mind taking baths.

I can help with
  • Meowing and purring
  • Modelling for photos
  • Tasting yummy food
  • Watching chipmunks
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