Our Fees

We love pets and therefore are striving to offer top-quality, reliable services at affordable rates. We are always happy to offer discounts to multi-pet households and to long-term clients, please contact us directly to discuss your options.

“The Cute Fairy Tails team are amazing, they helped our really shy rescue dog to overcome his fear of strangers, and we feel so lucky to have found them” – Sarah W., Bronxville

Puppy* & Dog Walking
– 30 mins puppy* walking$20
– 1 hour dog walk, individual walk$30
– 1 hour dog walk, 2 dogs together $40
Pet Sitting (your house)
– 30 mins visit (up to 3 pets) x once a day$30/day or $200/week
– 60 mins visit (3 or more pets) x once a day$40/day or $250/week
– 2 x 30 mins visits (up to 3 pets) per day$50/day or $320/week
– 2 x 45 mins visits (3 or more pets) per day$60/day or $350/week
Dog Boarding (our house)
– hourly boarding (5 hours or less) $10/hour
– hourly boarding (5 hours or less) for puppies*$15/hour
– daily boarding (5+ hours)$50/day or $300/week
– daily boarding (5+ hours) for puppies*$60/day or $350/week
– pick-up/drop-off fee (if you need us to do it)$25/round trip
Pet Grooming (top-ups)
– ear cleaning$10
– teeth brushing$15
– bathing, small and medium dogs and cats$35
– dog bathing, large dogs$50
– clipping nails, small and medium dogs and cats$20
– clipping nails, large dogs$25
– brushing, small dogs, cats, and bunnies$15
– brushing, medium and large dogs$20
Active Play & Exercise
– 2 hour boot camp for 1 dog$55
– 2 hour boot camp for 2 dogs$70
– 3 hour boot camp for 1 dog$75
– 3 hour boot camp for 2 dogs$85
Vet Visits & Home Visits
– taking 1 pet to the vet$75
– taking 2 pets to the vet$100
– home vet visit for a health check & vaccinations$150
International Travel Support
– the price depends on your country of destination and number of petsPOA
First Aid Course for Pet Owners
– one person attending the course$150
– two people attending from the same household$250
* puppies = any dog less than 12 months old

Let’s make your pet happy together.

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