We help people and families who genuinely care about their cheeky cats, affectionate dogs, and cute small pets like bunnies, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Where possible, we will gladly support your fluffy family members who have special physical or emotional needs and require specialized assistance and care. Multi-pet households and rescue animals are particularly welcome.

“Thank you so much for your help with Bluebell. We are relieved to see her so happy and having a great time while we are away, and we love getting daily photo updates from her”

Regretfully, we are unable to assist with reptiles, fish, and exotic animals – we love all animals, but have no experience to assist with this particular type of pets.

Sitting & Walking

For when you are on holiday or work those extra long hours, we offer home visits, walking your dog, and live-in service to support your pet when you are unable to give them the time and love they deserve.

Basic Grooming

Grooming can be a stressful experience for your pet, and they feel much more relaxed in the comfort of their own house. We offer a number of top-up pet grooming services when we are petsitting your pet.

Facing the Vet

We will take your pet to the vet, ensuring that they are as relaxed as possible and don’t feel extremely anxious about this experience. Where required, we will use anti-stress techniques to ease your darling’s anxiety.

Active Exercise

If you are unable to dedicate sufficient time to actively exercising with your dog, we will take your dog to a secure local outdoor space and run and play with them to make sure they get the exercise they crave.

First Aid for Pets

We are working with an experienced vet to offer regular first aid classes for pet owners. Learn how to use a range of techniques and your pet first aid kit to help your furry baby in case of an emergency.

Travel Support

When you are moving abroad, or going abroad for an extended period of time, and are planning to take your pet with you, we will help you to obtain all required paperwork and make safe arrangements for your pet.

Let’s make sure that your pet feels loved & happy

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