First Aid for Pets Course

We are now working with two experienced, highly respected vets to offer regular first aid classes for pet owners. Outdoor cats and dogs especially are exposed to a number of additional risks, such as heat strokes, car accidents, near-drowning, and aggressive animal attacks, and being able to provide appropriate first aid to your pet may literally save their life in a critical situation. Having your pet suffer a serious injury and being unable to help them is a terrible feeling, so please take action now and join the course.

During a 2-hour class, the vet will explain how to use a range of techniques and your pet first aid kit to help your loved ones in case of emergency. You will be shown how to recognize problems and emergencies, minimize injuries while you are getting your pet to the vet, and provide first aid to your pet to keep them safe and healthy. The course leader will cover essential life-saving techniques like the CPR, pre-vet care, and detecting early warning signs that indicate that your pet might be in danger and needs to be taken to the vet.

All classes take place on Saturdays. If you have a regular dog walker, please enroll them too, so that your darling is safe at all times.

For pricing, please click here.

Let’s make your pet happy together.

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