International Travel

When you are moving abroad, or going abroad for an extended period of time, and are planning to take your pet with you, the complexity of obtaining all required vaccinations and paperwork, finding a suitable airline, and getting your pet through pre-checks and entry checks is a lot of work. Our cats Simba and Shasta have moved from Vietnam to the US, from the US to the UK, from the UK to Hong Kong, and then from Hong Kong back to the US, so we definitely know what it is like. Every country and airline has a range of very specific regulations that your pet will need to comply with to be able to take your darling with you, and it can take months to complete the process.

We feel sad about the number of pets that are given away or put into a kennel for extended periods of time while their owners are away for over a month, and therefore we are here to help you with preparing your pet for traveling with you. As part of this package, we will:

  • Create a checklist of all documents and vaccination requirements for import to the destination country and re-import back home;
  • Shortlist suitable airlines and their transportation requirements;
  • Work with your vet to complete all required checks and vaccinations;
  • Obtain all required import and export permits and health certificates;
  • Complete all transportation paperwork for your chosen airline;
  • If your pet needs to fly as cargo, we will take them to the cargo area on the day of your flight, keep them calm and safe, and check them in for their flight (please note that some airlines may require a power of attorney from you for us to do this).

The importation documentation and transportation requirements vary from country and therefore we will be able to send you a quote when we know your travel destination, and what type of pet you will be taking with you.

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Let’s make your pet happy together.

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