Pet Sitting, Walking, and Live-In

We offer traditional dog walking, and in addition, when you are on holiday or work extra long hours, your pets are feeling very lonely, and cats especially hate being brought to a cattery because any change in the environment is very stressful for them. Even though loneliness and anxiety are often thought to be more common in cats, from our experience, many dogs are also distraught when being left in a kennel – especially senior dogs, rescue dogs, and dogs with special needs. If you separate your pets while you are away, the negative impact on their mental state is even more severe because they feel stressed, anxious, and abandoned.

Therefore, we offer home visits while you are away to support your beloved pet when you are unable to give them the time and love they deserve and are used to. All of us have an absolutely clean criminal record, and before you trust us with your keys and with your little ones, we will arrange a home visit when you can ask to see and take copies of our documentation. We are also very happy for you to install pet cameras in your house to monitor your pets – and us – on your mobile phone in your absence.

We will come to your house or apartment at the agreed time, and depending on what your pet is used to, we will:

  • Provide food and clean water, and refresh your cat’s litter box;
  • Walk your dog or cat (if your cat is trained accordingly);
  • Play with your pet to ensure that they feel happy;
  • Where required and possible, administer medications;
  • Brush your pet’s coat and give them a relaxing massage;
  • Take photos and videos and send them to you to reassure you;
  • Check your mail and water your plants and your garden.

We genuinely care about the happiness and wellbeing of your fluffy darling, and therefore always seek to engage them in active play, make sure that they get a lot of love, attention, and hugs, and don’t feel lonely and stressed in your absence. As devoted pet owners, we understand how heartbreaking it is to leave your pet alone, and we will do everything to give you peace of mind while you are away.

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Let’s make your pet happy together.

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