Pets Need Vets

All of us hate taking our furry babies to the vet, no exceptions. Some cat and dog lovers are really dreading visiting the vet with their pet, and feel very anxious about it days ahead of their appointment. Catching your cat and putting them in their carrier while your kitty is frightened and screaming, or dragging your beloved pooch to the vet’s office while they are upset and howling can be a horrible experience – for your pet and even more so, for you. Having gone through this with our own cats and dogs for years, we decided that there must be an easier way to get your pet to the vet – without you being stressed for days before the vet visit and your pet mistrusting you for weeks afterward.

If your pet is non-aggressive, we will take them to the vet, ensuring that they are as relaxed as possible and don’t feel extremely anxious about this experience. We will help to gently put your cat or dog in their transportation crate or career bag, use an anti-stress spray or collar to help them to relax and settle in, put on relaxing pet music in the car to help them stay calm during their journey, and will gently and lovingly support them at the vet’s office. Where required, we will also use additional anti-stress techniques like the acupuncture ear and paw massage to ease your darling’s anxiety.

Recently, we have started to collaborate with a number of caring, fully qualified vets in the area who are able to offer home visits for vaccinations and basic health checks; please contact us to book a mobile vet visit today for your pet today.

For pricing, please click here.

Let’s make your pet happy together.

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