Stress-Free Grooming

We know exactly how stressful it can be to try and clip your cat’s nails, wash your dog, or brush your bunny. You are not alone, many pet lovers really struggle with grooming their furry family members, and many find it very stressful and therefore would rather get some help with this. While taking your cat or dog to a pet groomer is a great option, it is a stressful experience for your little one, and they feel much more relaxed in the comfort of their own house.

Therefore, in addition to the pet sitting service we also offer the following top-up pet grooming services when we are visiting your house in your absence, provided that your pet is non-aggressive:

  • Bathing and brushing for all pets;
  • Teeth brushing for cats and dogs;
  • Clipping nails for cats and small pets;
  • Cleaning ears for all pets.

Your pet will not only be well looked-after while you are away, but you will also spare yourself the stress of performing the less pleasant grooming tasks, which can damage your relationship with your pet (for example, bathing your cat may really affect your cat’s trust in you and how affectionate they are with you).

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Let’s make your pet happy together.

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